Online Nikon School on Interior Photography

June 20, 2020 04 : 30 PM to 05 : 30 PM

ENGLISH Class for Interior Photography

Calling all #NikonSchool fam! Sign up for our series of virtual classes, held privately via webinar on Zoom. We have designed these online sessions to be as interactive as our usual on-ground classes, so to ensure a truly impactful learning experience for all participants, we are limiting the number of attendees so sign up ASAP.


Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis, so click below to sign up.

What to expect:

  • Getting Started with Interiors
  • How to Capture the beautiful spaces around you
  • Enhance your professional skill set

We will be sending the Zoom meeting link to all confirmed participants 1hr before the scheduled time.

Missed the registration? No worries! We have plenty more virtual classes lined up in the coming months!

Workshop is not available anymore