September 05, 2021 04 : 00 PM to 07 : 00 PM

Capture stunning low key images with Nikon Speedlights and Continuous Light


This Workshop is ideal for those who already completed our Basic Nikon School and want to level up their skills in Low Key Portrait Photography.


In this 3-hour intensive workshop from Asim Cheema (on Instagram at @asim_cheema), you’ll learn all about low key photography, wherein you create deep, rich shadows with your lighting to draw attention to your subject with stark contrast. In this class you’ll learn some of the theory behind low key photography, and get practical experience capturing these kinds of images with both Nikon Speedlights and continuous light.

Register today to learn more about low key photography and lighting with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera!


Time and date:
5th September 2021
Workshop time – 4pm till 7pm


Workshop is not available anymore